Training Tips for Triathlon Newbies

Triathlons are some amazing sports competitions that will test your skills in multiple ways. Triathlon champions are considered by many super athletes because they managed to perform amazingly in so many sports. If you are thinking to start training for such competition it means that you are a very brave and determined person. Triathlons test your strength, determination and endurance. If you are starting now you should keep in mind that it will be a long road until you manage to win the first competition. We have listed some training tips to help you start this amazing experience.

Take Your Time

Give yourself time. Triathlons are very demanding competitions that require a lot of strength and endurance. If you want to participate and make sure that you finish the race you should start training at least 2 months in advance to start shaping your body. Starting one week in advance will only give you sore muscles that will prevent you from having any results. Give your body time to get used to the training and the demand.

Know your body. Once you start training you will observe that some muscles tend to be sorer than others and that one of the race portions seem easier. Learn from your body where you must improve in order to achieve maximum results. Just going to the gym and running on the treadmill will not get you connected with your body or the competition conditions that are during a triathlon.

Go outdoors and start training in the same environment as the competition will take place. Don’t train while being sick. This is one of the worst mistakes newbies do while following the training program. If your body tells you to stay home and rest this is exactly what you should be doing. Forcing your body will only result in accidents and poor results. This will also prolongs your sickness period and will keep you away from training even more.

Stay Focused

Focus on the process of training, not on the result. It may sound crazy, but this piece of advice comes from a triathlon champion. He said that the connection you get with your body while training is very important for the competition. Train and observe the way your body changes. Communicate with your body during this process and you will get maximum results.

Get the right equipment. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on running shoes that were recommended in the shop. Find the ones that make you the most comfortable and give yourself time to break into them. Never start a triathlon with new shoes. There are great chances that you will get blisters that will stop you in the middle of the race.

Don’t train in a gym. Go outside to get your body used to the outdoor environment. Training in the gym creates an artificial environment that will prevent you from having any performance. And finally, don’t give up if you have sore muscles or if you lose the first competition.

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