Tips and Tricks to Survive a Triathlon

Completing a triathlon is a major accomplishment, one that you can be proud of regardless of your experience. From seasoned athletes to novice hobby runners, racing through three sports is a test of your physical and mental endurance and one to be commended. There are however, a few tricks that can be used to make the experience slightly more enjoyable. Especially if this is your first time competing in a triathlon.


Practice swimming in open water, you will most likely do the majority of your training in a pool. However, you will be competing in open water on the day of the race, for your own safety as well as that of your fellow competitors it is vital that you do a few open water swims before the day of the race. This will give you confidence as well as make the race somewhat easier. When swimming in open water you will have to adjust to currents, winds, and not having a line at the bottom of the water to follow. For added safety and comfort bring a buddy with you on your practice swims. Remember to test your gear before you enter the water on the day of the race as well. Be sure that your wetsuit fits properly and that you are used to swimming in it as it may be different to your usual swimsuit. Test your goggles as well, you do not want them leaking on the day of. Remember to stay calm on the day of and start slow and steady, do not wear yourself out too quickly. Enjoy the process as much as you can.


The best advice we have found is as follows: cycle the way you have trained. Do not get caught up in the speed or what others are doing, the day of the race is not the day to try something new. Stick to what you know and what you are prepared for. Remember to switch up your position in the saddle occasionally so that you use different muscles and do not tire out too quickly. Another great tip is to memorize markers or landmarks when you are positioning your bike in the transition area so that you are able to find it quickly when you come out of the water. Have your gear in the correct places, your water, gels and energy bars should all be in place before hand. Stay calm while transitioning, trying to be too quick will most likely cause you to fumble.


This portion of the race may be the most difficult as you will more than likely be exhausted from the swim and bike portion. Remember that you have trained for this and that you are capable of finishing. You will feel pain and possibly hit a wall but stay calm and power through. The pride and happiness you will feel one you have completed the race will make it all worth it.

Most importantly you want to enjoy the triathlon, remember that you are doing this for you and you will no doubt succeed.

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