The World’s Toughest Running Events

There are some tough running events held around the world that stretch the capacity of man to physically and mentally endure the challenge. These events are the hardest form of running that there is, and we feature the toughest that exist today. Some of the races have even taken lives and so are not for the feint-hearted.

Jungle Extra

This hike through the Amazon jungle has an amazing array of challenges. Firstly, there is the intense heat, bugs as big as your head, and a terrain that is almost impassable that is trying to trip you every step of the way. Jungle Extra is over 142.6 miles, with a hundred percent humidity and there are also seventy rivers and other water hazards to overcome. Competitors have to navigate through deep Amazon jungle and this event is only for the hardiest athletes.

Dragon’s Back Race

We travel to Wales for our next challenge and the Dragon’s Back Race which is ostensibly a cross country race between castles. But in some of the hardest terrain of the wild welsh wilderness. To complete this mammoth race competitors will have to trek over a hundred and fifty miles of harsh terrain and climb a total of fifty thousand feet.

The strongest competitors can run for about eight hours a day, but an average runner will take eighteen hours to complete the daily stages. The hardest thing about this race is the poor visibility and the ultra tough ground conditions.

Brutal Extreme Triathlon

Another Welsh challenge is the Brutal Extreme Challenge, and although it is not strictly a running race as it also involves swimming and cycling it had to be included due to its incredible toughness.

The 11.4 kilometer swim takes place in a near frozen lake to start the proceedings, so every competitor is soaked to the bone and freezing before they have to undergo a five hundred and forty kilometer bike ride that traverses over the local hills. The final run up the slopes of Mount Snowden, which is the highest mountain in Wales, takes one hundred and twenty-six kilometers. The extreme conditions and the intense cold make this event truly difficult and one of the hardest tests of human endurance on the planet.

Plain 100

At least our destination for the next event is a little more clement than the last. Plain 100 takes us to the Cascade Mountains in Washington. Compared to our other races it does not seem to harsh as it is a simple one hundred miles foot race.

The difficulty comes as this is totally unsupported and each athlete must completely by themselves. This also means there are no aid stations, and so when you fail, which you probably will, entrants have to find their own way back to any civilization. To put all this into perspective, only one hundred people have managed to complete this grueling event in the last thirty years. To complete this event, you must have a seriously good sense of direction plus the endurance of a mule.

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