The Five Coolest Marathons in the World

Marathon races are held all over the world, and there are many types of marathons that exist. Some are purely for fun, whilst some are tough road races where competition is everything. Some are more endurance races that time means nothing, and just completing the course is everything. Here are five very different marathons and are quite unique in their own right, in a way all five are rather cool, and that is because they are not on the top marathon’s list and also because of the following.

Berlin Marathon

Berlin is a fantastic city, full of contrasts be it of the people or the wonderful architecture. The first official marathon in Berlin was not held until 1974 but has rapidly grown in popularity ever since. The fact that it is run later on in the season means that if you have missed out earlier then you can always try and run in Berlin.

Fancy dress is very much on display here, but it is also a great course for setting personal bests as the terrain is really flat. The fact the race is held in summer means the heat could get to you.

Barcelona Marathon

The backdrop of the wonderful buildings of Barcelona makes this marathon really cool, added to this is the fact that the streets are packed with cheering supporters and live bands are dotted all over the course. Typically Spanish, the event is one big party and is a really fun occasion.

The Barcelona Marathon is one of the cheapest of the big marathons, and the entrance fee includes a pasta party before and after the marathon.

The Great Wall Marathon

What could be cooler than running on The Great Wall of China, apart from the course being extremely difficult. There are over five thousand steps to navigate as well as the standard distance every marathon runner has to endure. The organizers of The Great Wall Marathon also runs the Bagan Temple Marathon, and the Polar Circle Marathon, both of which could easily of featured in this list.

Marathon des Sables

You cannot really call the Marathon des Sables just a marathon, as it is a collection of races over six days that cover over two hundred and fifty kilometers. The event is run in one of the hottest places on the planet, the Sahara Desert, where temperatures consistently top the forty-five degree mark. It will set you back USD$7,500 just to enter this race and only a thousand runners are allowed to compete. On average just over fifty percent manage to finish.

The Athens Marathon

The Authentic Athens Marathon is a must-do event for any serious marathon runner as this is where it all started. Not just in ancient Greece, but the modern marathon was also first raced here in 1896. The finishing line is in one of the most iconic sporting arenas in the world, the Panathinaiko Stadium, and even the medal is shaped like this famous old arena. These great marathons are among the coolest races in the world as they are held in locations that are steeped in history. They are also some of the toughest to try and run and test the competitors to the very limit.        

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