The Best Tough Mudder Gear

Tough mudders are growing in popularity all throughout the United States and even the world. Each country is slowly catching on to the idea and are organizing events similar to the original tough mudder. They are fun, team building activities as well as great physical challenges. If you have not yet competed in a tough mudder but are planning to in the near future than you are most likely looking into buying the correct gear. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the right things to wear and bring with you on race day, follow these few tips and tricks and we are sure that you will have a great time at your first tough mudder!

You will of course need the right shoes, as well as proper running gear, this is not like any old running gear as the obstacles in a tough mudder often involve water. There are a few key things you should look for when buying your gear.

Look for clothes that wick water away from your skin as you will go through several water obstacles and you do not want to be weighed down by water logged clothing. This clothing should also be tight fitting so that is does not fill up with mud or water. Also look for clothing that is easy to clean as it will no doubt get very dirty during the race and you will most likely want to wash off before getting into your car for the drive home. And lastly look for clothing that you like the style of, while you want to be practical you also want to look stylish while out on the race course.

When it comes to your top you may want to wear a long sleeve top, even it is meant to be warm on the day of your race. You will be crawling and climbing through and over various obstacles. You will want to protect your skin from twigs and other sharp objects, a long sleeve t-shirt will ensure that your arms do not get all scratched up during the race and you will not be slowed down worrying about them.

Shorts are usually the best when it comes to the right bottoms to wear on race day, leggings will be too warm and restrictive. Unless of course you are competing in a cold area city then may want to consider leggings as they will protect your legs and proved warmth.

A great idea is to wear a bathing suit or swim trunk under your gear as you will be getting very wet and muddy throughout the course. They typically have showers at the end for your use, this way you can take off the muddy clothes, place them in a plastic bag to washed at home and clean yourself off more easily. This is one of the greatest tips we can give you. Just remember to bring a clean set of clothes and shoes to wear on the drive home as well.

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