How to train for your first triathlon

A triathlon is no simple task to undertake, it is considered one of the more difficult races to complete and doing so is an accomplishment to be proud of. There are many different types of triathlons, sprint triathlons consist of shorter distances and are usually recommended for those entering their first race. A common mistake when deciding to participate in your first triathlon is thinking that if you have previous experience in cycling, swimming, or running you will be able to easily compete in a triathlon. However, the combination of all three, along with the pressure of changing clothes and equipment between sports changes things dramatically and can sway even the most seasoned athlete. So, how you can train to take on this arduous feat of endurance? With these tips you will no doubt be ready to take on your first triathlon, and feel proud of your accomplishment as you cross the finish line.

Firstly, you need to have the correct equipment, it does not need to be the most expensive or high-end gear on the market, but it is needed to complete the race.

For the swimming portion you will need a swimsuit, perhaps a wetsuit, depending on where you are completing the triathlon. As well as goggles and a cap if you have long hair. These items will ensure you are able to swim with comfort and ease. For the cycling portion you will need a bicycle that is fit to your size, a bike that is too small or too big will cause you pain and possibly injury. A special triathlon bike is not necessary for your first race, a basic road bike will do. You will want to invest in cycling shorts and shoes, this again is for your own safety and comfort while training. For the running section you will want comfortable running attire and most importantly proper running shoes that fit you correctly.

Once you have the proper equipment you can begin your training. Training can take as little as 12 weeks, of course you can give yourself more time than this, but 12 weeks is the minimum time recommended for beginners. So be sure that you do not sign up for race that is less than 12 weeks away. Once you have scheduled and signed up for the race get ready to work out.

The best way to prepare is combination workouts. For example, run for 10 minutes, then ride for 30 minutes, repeat this once again and you have completed a workout. For your next workout run for 30 minutes then swim for 20. This way you are combining various different cardiovascular sports into one workout. As the weeks progress increase your time and intensity, until you are completing the distances necessary for the triathlon you have chosen.

Remember to take rest days in between these workouts, your body needs time to heal and recover. Focus on your endurance rather than your time and speed. Completing a triathlon is a great accomplishment and you will be proud that you cross the finish lie regardless of how long it takes.

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