How to Prepare Mentally for a Marathon

Marathons are well-known for testing the physical and mental strength of the runners. The beauty of this sport is that anyone can participate, no matter the age or skill level. The finish line will wait for you and the experience itself is beautiful. A 40 km race can take several hours in which you have to be prepared to experience different sensations and feelings. Therefore, marathons are considered a much harder mental challenge rather than physical. We have prepared some tips to prepare yourself mentally in order to have a successful race.

Know the Course

Know the track. One of the main things that scare us is the unknown. Don’t start a marathon without knowing the track. Even if it is in another city it is better to go a day in advance and see the track. This way you will be able to prepare yourself mentally for all the hard parts of the run. This will also make you feel more comfortable while running because you will know what to expect. Not knowing the track and facing a very abrupt hill can be a devastating blow for a tired runner and many people stated that when they are faced with this kind of difficulty they stopped and gave up the race. Know the track to know the journey.

Think About It All

Meditate about your weaknesses. We have all experienced that moment when we just wanted to give up while running. Sometimes we managed to move on, sometimes not. Focus on both moments and try to find out what made you run further and what kept you back. Focus on the thoughts that give you strength. Learn to talk to your body and see what it has to say. Force yourself during the race while still listening to your body. It is better to have a short break than to faint in the middle of the race. Don’t be afraid that someone will laugh at you for stopping for a few moments. It is your race, your journey. Meditate on the things that make you strong and keep them in mind when you start the race. Keep in mind that you will experience some extreme emotional sensation that will range from euphoria to extreme sadness. To go over them you must remind yourself what makes you move forward.


Focus on the finish line. There are many points in the marathon when you will just want to give up. A marathon can be a life-changing experience because it will let you discover strengths that you didn’t even know you had. Focus on the finish line and gather all your mental and physical strength to go over the plateau point and reach the finish line. You will finish as a stronger, more determined person. If it starts raining don’t worry. Try using this hardship to become a stronger version of you. You will be amazed by the power you keep hidden inside yourself.

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