Essential Tips for Running in Hot Weather

Any runner knows that running in hot weather is hard, it is probably the toughest weather condition to actually run in. Nearly everything is preferable to it, wind, rain, even snow. But there are ways of making your warm weather running more bearable and here are some tips.


Firstly, you need to get used to the heat, and your body has to be acclimatized to exercising in the heat. To do this you need to put together a long term training schedule that will gradually prepare you for the heat of the summer. Obviously, the Spring is an ideal time to do this, as each day gets progressively hotter you can build up your resistance to heat fatigue.

Run at the Coolest Part of the Day

If you are not running in a competition and are just exercising, then try to run at the coolest parts of the day. Early morning is the best option as it is getting light and your body will still be getting use to the heat. Plan your routes so you can get as much shade as possible. Obviously, woods, parks and the like are ideal for this.

Shorten Your Warm-Up

In warm weather your body temperature is already high, therefore your warm up does not have to be as long as in Winter. Warm temperatures also make it quicker for your muscles to get to the right levels so you will not risk any pulls or strains.

Wear Loose and Breathable Clothing

Nearly every time you are running you should wear loose clothing from materials that let your body breathe. Specially designed warm weather running garments are now made by most of the sportswear manufacturers. The materials used are specially designed to take away the sweat and resist heat. You will be amazed the difference a specially designed running kit can do for you.

Before Running Cool Down Your Body

It is a good idea before you start your run and after your warm-up to cool down your body. This can be done by taking a tepid shower. This is most effective in the evenings after you have been to work, and if you are too hot whilst out running then dampen your hair and face with water.

Take on Board Plenty of Liquids

It is imperative that you stay hydrated during your run, and as you sweat more in hot weather you need to drink more fluids. Keeping properly hydrated is the key to maintaining good exercise and you must start this before you begin running.

Do not wait until you are thirsty, as this is an indication that you have already lost body fluid. As an average for every 1% of body fluid lost you will loose 10% of your physical ability. And do not forget it is not just fluids you lose when you are dehydrated it is also minerals.

There are many isotonic drinks on the market that can help alleviate this problem and also deliver the required amount of carbohydrates that your body is lacking. These warm weather running tips will definitely assist you in your exercising and will help you perform better.

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