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The world of sports and its associated equipment and clothing is a serious and lucrative business. Without a doubt the trend toward greater fitness and the perception of sports as entertainment has been on the increase over the last several decades and the industry has exploded globally beyond belief.

Whether it is a personal pursuit of a given sport for pleasure or fitness, a business interest that stems from perhaps offering training services such as through a gym, or some other affiliation with the sporting industry, the need to be current when it comes to trends and regulations still applies. Instead of gambling on the outcome of a certain sporting trend, as one might whilst betting on the horses or playing Black Jack, it is a good idea to be well informed and thoroughly up to date.

This is especially true if your lively hood depends on it or you do not have an endless supply of funds, because one thing is a certainty the cost of keeping a breast of the latest trends can be staggering!

Keeping Up With Trends

Keeping Up With Trends

The good news is that there is plenty of help when it comes to determining what the latest trends or needs might be within the industry and one of the best ways to keep up with this is through attending the various sporting expos that occur throughout the year all around the world. It will come as no surprise that at any given time you can find some type of convention or sporting expo to help you get to grips with the latest styles, be it in clothing, equipment, nutrition or any other facet of a given aspect of the sporting industry. It may be that you are looking to make comparisons between like sports or get over views of multiple disciplines, either way your needs will be accommodated.

One of the biggest areas to see growth is the category of fitness. People today, all around the world, are keen to get more involved in their own health and fitness and related nutrition plays a big part in that. No longer does the average person want to play Russian Roulette with their lives, wondering if they will suffer heart disease or diabetes from a poor diet or sedentary life style.

The IWF Shanghai Health, Wellness, Fitness Expo is a three day event in China which show cases such things as home fitness equipment, equipment for the elderly and disabled, gym equipment, sports wear, nutritional products and much more.

Popular Sports

In a similar vein the Health, Sports and Lifestyle Expo, held in Vancouver Canada, is also a three day event that features products of the sporting goods variety but also medical and pharmaceutical as well as herbal products. Sports Fitness Expo, a one day expo held in July at the New York Hilton US, centers on similar areas of fitness, sporting goods and products as well as some related to endurance sports.

If you are more interested in the clothing and accessories side of the sporting industry a show like the Imprinted Sportswear Show in Atlantic City, USA is a good spot to visit where the emphasis is on sports wear, sporting goods and other more art related but complimentary activities. If you have friends or family traveling with you they won’t get bored while in Atlantic City.

There is also great wifi all throughout the city, so if they have some time to kill they can play some games online, like WoWChess or 21. The wifi is typically fast and easy to connect to so they can play with ease wherever they may be. Or they can head to one of the great local restaurants to enjoy a great meal. The three day event is typically held in March at the Atlantic City Convention Center so the weather will be on your side as well.


Popular Sports

Golf has become one of the fastest growing sports around the world and in keeping with that there are numerous expos world wide that feature an array of products. In keeping with the international demand for all things golf the adventurous traveler can visit the Japan Golf Fair, spanning three days, or perhaps the China Golf Show another three day event in Beijing, China that showcases such things as golf kits, accessories, equipment and all things related to the sport. Fishing too, along with a variety of outdoor pursuits, is well represented at a number of good expos.

The Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show in Vancouver Canada aims to feature pre season specials on the latest gear for outdoor pursuits as well as demonstrations from some of the sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking and off road biking. The East Tennessee Fishing Show in Knoxville is a much anticipated event that draws exhibitors from across the USA bringing a tremendous selection of kayaks, boats, fishing gear of all kinds and all the associated accessories that go with the sport of angling. This is the place to meet the experts and catch up on the latest trends in the sport whilst enjoying an entertaining few days for the whole family. In addition to the afore mentioned sporting expos plenty of shows around the globe are similarly catering to needs of enthusiasts and business owners alike in the fields of motorcycling, hunting, hockey to name a few. Something for everyone is certainly available no matter your interest or location.

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