Best Gyms in Glorida

Keeping the body in a good shape and making it fit requires a lot of extra efforts. Although this factor may not be compulsory for some people, bit for those that loves to keep shapes physique, it is somehow important for them to visit the gym. A gym is a place where people visit in other to exercise their body, build up muscle, train themselves and so on. There are so much more that can be done in the gym, even some forms of entertainment fan be found in some gym house!. In this piece, I will outline some of the best gyms in Florida, gyms in which you will get the best of your body and value for your money. If you are a footballer, a dancer, a sportsman, an athlete, or whatever form of sports person you are, a visit to one of these gyms in Florida will surely be of great advantage to you.


With its location spread and scattered around in South Florida, pure barre is a gym meant mainly for dancers. Dancers are always expected to be in their best shape and at pure barre, that quality is assured! Pure Barre was created by Carrie Dorr in other to allow women tone their most difficult areas.(hips, thighs, abs, and back of their arms). The adopted system being used by Pure Barre is a small isometric movement to burn fats, great long lean physique and sculpt muscles.


This is a small fitness center that was closed down for years until it was bought and remolded in 2013. It has weight rooms, classes, trainers and smoothie bar. It is located at 3001 SE fifth ST, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, right next to the ocean.


Currently the fastest growing fitness center in Florida, the Orange theory is a fitness center that started at Fort Lauderdale when Ellen Lathan, the owner of Ellen’s ultimate workout in Davie decided to create a group fitness class in which ball levels of people can participate and get high metabolism condition. She co-founded the fitness center with David Long, and has since then grown into a fitness movement having over 400 branches in about nine countries. The gym house uses a science based method called “the excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), a method that let’s the participants continue to burn calories continuously for about 48 hours after workout. It offers a 60minutes class in which participants rotates through three diverse stations, treadmills, indoor rolling and the weight room. A unique quality of this fitness center is that there is never a time a class will be repeated twice, there are trainers that leads participants through different classes daily.


This is a long hour group workout fitness center that was started in 2000, and has since then swept the nation. It comprises of powerlifting, high-intensity, interval training, gymnastics, plyometrics, and other forms of exercise with the use of barbells, getting you completely ripped. It has certified trainers that runs participants through series of different exercises such as rope climbing, weight squatting, Rowling, etc. It has its location throughout South Florida.

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